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09-10-2012, 06:11 PM
A pleasant morning to all!

I would like to ask for your suggestions/opinions with regards to getting RMAs for my ASUS G74SX-BBK9. The problem goes like this...

I have bought my ASUS G74SX-BBK9 from BestBuy last February 15, 2012 and I love it very much. At around 2 months ago, I decided to upgrade its RAM from 8GB DDR3-PC1333 to 16GB DDR3-PC1333 (I bought CORSAIR 8GB (2 x 4GB) 204-Pin DDR3-PC1333 CMSO8GX3M2A1333C9 twice at that). When I received the said memory modules, I tested each modules with Memtest86+ for atleast 4 passes and verified that they are all good. Considering they all passed, I started using them. However after 2-3 weeks, I then started noticing BSODs and unusual game crashes, so what I did was to re-test each of the modules and let them pass atleast 4 times again. They were all good, so what I next did was to test them by pair and they all passed again atleast 4 times. So I started to wonder about the memory slots since I've been testing them on the same slots over and over again. As I tested them from one memory slot to another, errors started to arise. Given that this is the case, I assume the motherboard has a problem with regards to its memory slots (specifically the right memory slots).

Now, since I have identified that it has memory slot problems, I have submitted an RMA to ASUS and received a Service Case Number. I just called ASUS for product support, provided all the information that I gave on my RMA Service Request, and explaining my problem, a certain question arised that brought me to a dead end. The dead end was that right after I installed the 16GB memoy modules on my G74SX-BBK9, I used the original modules of my laptop (I think they were AST 8GB DDR3-PC1333) to my older laptop that I sent to the Philippines. Now the person that entertained my call told me that I have to send my laptop "with the original memory modules" before ASUS can try to check and repair my laptop. Since I sent them to the Philippines there's no way that I can get them back that easily, considering that will disable the other laptop if I do so.

I would like to ask for your help guys on what step I can take to get my ASUS G74SX-BBK9 repaired. I have never heard before that the original memory modules have to be sent also just to get it repaired, considering that my G74SX-BBK9 has a 1-year Accidental Protection Plan by default since I just bought it last February 15. Please ASUS Admins, can you help me out on this? I do humbly apologize for all the trouble. Hoping for anyone's/everyone's kind responses and help. Thank you very much and may everyone have a very nice day ahead!

09-10-2012, 06:52 PM
PM cl-scott (the ASUS Customer Loyalty rep) on this forum and request his assistance with your RMA. I'd suspect the ASUS Service Center would have stock RAM available to test on your system if need be. I don't see a problem...