View Full Version : G75VW - CPU & GPU Temperatures and Backlid!

09-14-2012, 05:35 AM
Hello everyone :D

Have been 4 days since i bought this ROG Asus G75VW - T1066V (Intel i7-3610QM 2.3GHz, 16GB Ram, Geforce GTX 670M, HDD: 256G SSD & 750G).

Im very happy with my laptop, looks very good, feels good, it ROCKS :D

BUT after reading some posts on this ROG foruns i have some questions:

1- My CPU 'i7 3610QM 2.3ghz', Plugged-in, High Performance, IDLE has a 47c - 54c temp using Core Temp 1.0, with room temp at 25c - 27c. -Isnt a bit high temp for my CPU in IDLE? :confused:

2 - I tested my GPU (GTX 670M) with FurMark (1080p 15min benchmark) and it gone up to 92c. :confused:

3 - While playing Guild Wars 2 (almost total maxed) with all the same parameters stated in Question 1, my CPUtemp goes up to 87c, someone were playing GW2 to compare with my temps?

4- The Backlight of mt keyboard, on the left side around the 'FN' up to the 'W' key looks more faded, making the impression that some of the backlight leds are broken or not working. Anyone with the same problem?

PS: What CPU temp program you guys use?

Thanks you all :)


09-14-2012, 07:35 AM
My keyboard back-light is faded around the L, O and P keys :( maybe its a real problem and about the temps they are OK, mine are almost the same +/- 2 3 degrees, but I am not playing Guild wars so there is no problem.

09-14-2012, 08:02 AM
TBH idle temps are not important, its all about load temps.
fumark stress the gpu to the max so expect high temps.
I have guildwars but i dont play on his settings from the laptop, I do tho on my desktop which is sandybridge 2500k overclocked to 4,5ghz with silverarrow cooling, 2x radon 6870 in crossfire. my temps on the cards usualy get to around 85, my cpu gets to about 60.
so I would not say your temps are to be worries about.