View Full Version : My First Over Clock Rampage lll Extreme Black Edition I7 990x What Do You Think?

05-11-2011, 06:39 AM
M/Board Rampage lll Extreme Black Edition
CPU I7 990x
GPU x 2 GTX 580 Hydros
Memory: Coarsair 1600MHz DDR3 1.65v 8 8 8 24 2:8 Tested at 1800MHz
PSU: Coarsair 1200w

Cooling: Liquid 2 Loops
Rads Black Ice SR1 360s
CPU Block Swiftech
GPU second loop

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North Bridge stock Heat sinks
South Bridge Stock Heat sinks

I do not now what these temps are?
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200 BCLK x 23 = 4.6 GHz Over Clock

My highest CPU temp after running for 1 hour 75c to 78c Real Temp

Ran Linx 1 Hour no errors, Ran Intel Burn Test 1 Hour No Errors

Ram mem Test 1 Hour no Errors

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Why do I get these warnings?

The following warnings POP Up

Dram Busv 4.32v
IOHV 4.165v
QPI Dramv 4.165

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I feel like this is a very low score for 4.6 GHz
3D Mark 11 Score X4154

CPU 3.6GHz Stock settings
3D Mark 11 Score X4117

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Need advice On Over Clock or are these good settings for 24/7 use
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AI Over clock Tunner Manual
2D Performance Disabeld
CPU Ratio 23
BCLK 200
BCLK Enhance: Auto
PCIE: 100
Dram Freq DDR3: 1203MHz
UCLK 2406 MHz
QPI Link auto
Memory Prefetcher Disabeld
Memory Configuration Disabeld
CPU QPI Sweet spot
ALT QPI Sweet Spot
First 2 Slots PCIE Strength Auto
Last 2 Slots PCIE Strength Auto
CPU Differential Amplitude Auto
CPU Clock Skew auto
IOH Clock skew auto
DIGI & VRM Duty Control T Probe
PWR Volt Control Auto
Load Line Calibration 100%
CPU Voltage OCP 130%
Phase Control Extreme
Extreme Ov Disabeld
Extreme OC Auto
CPU Voltage 1.45
CPU PLL Voltage 1.82 On Auto
QPI Dram Core Voltage 1.45
Dram Bus Voltage 1.65625
IOH Voltage 1.25875
IOH PCIE 1.508 Auto
ICH Voltage 1.111 Auto
ICH PCIE Voltage 1.510 Auto
CPU Spread spectrum Disabeld
PCIE Speed spectrum Disabeld


CPU Ratio setting 23.0
C1E Support Disabeld
Hardware Prefetcher Disabeld
Adjacent Cash Line Prefetcher Enabeld
MPS & ACPI Control Modern Ordering
IPTEL Virtualization Technology Disabeld
CPU TM Function Disabeld
Execute Disable Bit Enabeld
Intel Technology Enabeld
Active Processors All
A2OM Disabeld
Intell Speed Step Tech Disabeld
Intell C-State Tech Disabeld

Dram Timing Control

CAS# Latency 8 Dram Clock
RAS# to CAS# Delay 8 Dram Clock
RAS ACT Time 24 Dram Clock

Every thing else is set to Auto


05-11-2011, 06:49 AM
I think my dram Freq are incorrect with the BCLK and N/Bridge ?

05-11-2011, 08:05 AM
Yes, you may want to adjust the memory ratio/divider up to 8. 10 would probably be pushing it at that bclk.

05-11-2011, 09:23 AM
Why do I get these warnings?

The following warnings POP Up

Dram Busv 4.32v
IOHV 4.165v
QPI Dramv 4.165

those look like these are being misread - this can happen if you have multiple pieces of software open that probe the onboard IO chip simultaneously. As for the warnings themselves they are just an alert to notify the user that some of the voltages are running beyond specification.

As Xeromist said you can set the DRAM multiplier ratio to 8x to get DDR3-1600 speed effective at that BCLK - should fit in nicely for your DRAM.


07-01-2011, 04:01 AM
I suggest updating the BIOS, I have seen similar voltage read outs on boards in the past and a BIOS update solved my issues :)

Give a bump to your ram speed and set it at 1600MHz