View Full Version : Help! My G60VX thinks it is a G50VT!

09-17-2012, 05:26 PM
Long story short, a computer repair shop told me my G60VX's motherboard was fried (it wasn't btw), so I had them install one I bought off of ebay advertised as a G60VX mb, but an earlier revision (A02 vs. A03). It turns out it is a G50VT mb and I cannot update the BIOS at all. I have tried many different methods of flashing it to no avail, to the latest G60VX BIOS rev 205. Easyflash won't do it because the platform ID does not match. At the moment I cannot recover my OS to an out of the box state via recovery partition and recovery discs due to the laptop thinking it is a G50VT. Also the keyboard is very erratic when it comes to what character shows up when I press any given key, I think this might be an issue due to the stuff I mentioned above? Right now I loaded windows 7 ultimate 64 bit to try and manually load drivers but half wont work, I can't even get Nvidia's drivers to work because I says I don't even have an Nvidia GPU :/ Any suggestions? Thanks

ETA: Also...the system will only boot up in single channel memory...I have no idea why...