View Full Version : G74SX Slimtpye BD E DS4E1S - Blueray Drive - Issues - Not reading ANY media

09-29-2012, 08:55 PM
i know there are many threads in this forums regarding the issue with the G74SX Slimtpye BD E DS4E1S Blueray-Drive not reading any media at all.

I own my G74SX for now over a year and the BD drive never used to work (since the beginning). Well until now i never cared about it because i really use it almost never. I always thought this may be a Windows or Driver issue, till today when i upgraded my notebook with a new solid-state disk and installed a fresh Win7 Pro x64. After the fresh Windows installation completed, i inserted a disk and noticed the drive is still not working. I have to mention that i have performed all descirbed fixes in serval threads in this board over and over and nothing seems to fix the issue.

Well, since so many owners of the G74SX seem to having issues with this particular drive model and even the described fixes in the forum (checking osd security, cleaning upper/low filters in registry, cleaning the drive laser, dis-and-reassemblign the drive, upgrading firwmare,..) dont giving a solution, i will now make a claim to ASUS directly.

Ill keep u updated as soon as i recive a response from ASUS regarding the case.