View Full Version : No LAN device detected, IDE Controller

05-15-2011, 11:24 PM
I haven't been in close enough proximity to my wireless router but I recently went by a friends house who only had a wired for connection for me to connect to, upon inserting an ethernet cable I realized that I have no LAN device, it's not in my network adapters, I scanned for new hardware, just isn't there, I did download a copy of the Atheros AR8131 drivers, both links, and when I would run setup, it'd error out that the device wasn't detected... I also noticed in my device manager that I'm missing a driver for AUHH29BA/ADFWWHCE IDE Controller, which is very weird because I uninstalled it due to the yellow ! that it had over the storage controller icon, rescanned for hardware to have it change names to the second one that I listed, any thoughts would be greatly appreciated!