View Full Version : G71GX freezes on rog splash screen

10-02-2012, 02:46 AM
Started happening a few weeks ago. Would boot up laptop and it would go to screen with the f2 to run setup and tab to show post bios message. And it would flash rog with and make an explosive sound. Or its suppose to but it never would get there it would freeze up and not flash the rog splash. I would have to restart it a couple times via the power button, then after a couple weeks it progressed to I had to hold down the power button to make it splash rog boot up. Know however it just gets stuck before the splash and nothing will make it start. I also cannot load the special Asus OS either. It gets stuck on the colorful ASUS screen. What is going on? As far as I can remember I hadn't changed or updated anything before this started. A few months ago I did have to bring it in because the fan stopped working. Idk what they did to fix it thou exactly except take it apart and resemble it

10-02-2012, 05:37 PM
Ok, so last night I took the entire laptop apart. Pulled the mother board battery, cleaned everything and reassembled. Same problem still. Except when I boot in express gate it goes to american megatrends screen where I can press f1 f2 f4 f9 or esc. But pressing keys doesn't, do anything it just sits there