View Full Version : G53JW keyboard problem with Word 2010!

10-02-2012, 06:12 PM
Hi guys,
You know Asus G53JW's (and G53SW) keyboard has '[' and '{' character on the same key just like ']' and '}' keys. The problem is, i have Office 2010 installed, when i try to make '{' (curly brace) by pressing Shift+'{' key, the font size is decreased by one due to keyboard shortcut of Word 2010. But Word 2010 has implemented that shortcut as pressing CTRL+[ so something is really weird. It sees my SHIFT button as CTRL button based on the result.

What can i do about mismapping of Word 2010? I want to type curly brace by pressing SHIFT+[ or SHIFT +{ (same button), but it decreases font size by 1. It must be decreased when i do this combination with CTRL as described here:


Any ideas to solve that conflict?

EDIT: I found some hint. I have Office 2010 installed but Turkish version. CTRL+[ is for English version but for some reason Turkish version does it using SHIFT+[. So the question, why do different Office languages differ from English ones including different key shortcut mappings?


10-02-2012, 06:32 PM
If you are currently using the ASUS keyboard driver, I'd try uninstalling it and rebooting to load the Microsoft keyboard driver.

No, i don't think it's keyboard driver related. Turkish Word 2010 uses different key shortcuts when compared to English Word 2010. I needed to remove this shortcut mapping from Word options to remove conflict.

You know keyboard layout: