View Full Version : G55 Touch-pad Driver Issue (Another driver Issue)

10-03-2012, 06:49 AM
Hello guys, I just found out this morning that we have yet another driver bug! This time its about the touch-pad (who would expect that right?!).
Well the problem is that sometimes when the touch-pad is turned on it does not register the touch of my hand (this is in somewhat rare occasions). However that is not the biggest problem i found. I also found out that when the touch-pad is disabled by the Fn keys and my screen goes dim after lets say 10 minutes, and if I touch the "disabled" touch-pad the screen lights up again.
That indicates that there is electricity going through the touch-pad no matter what and it sucks up energy, which means that if you are running on battery it is a BAD thing. I guess we will have to wait for one more driver update :(:(
I just thought I should mention this.