View Full Version : G55 spontaneous pass from sleep mode to hibernation :( and other problems

10-05-2012, 10:14 AM
i just bought new Asus G55VW-S1016V machine. its very nice, but i have some problems with it.

first of them and the biggest one is that when i put the notebook to sleep, it spontaneously pass to
hibernation after about 3 hours.
worst of this action is, that the notebook wake up from sleep mode by his own mind, then is
running for about 1-2 minutes and then goes to hibernation.
i happens always and fortunately when i have it on the table. i cant imagine what could happen
if it do this inside my closed backpack :(
i dont know if and how i can change that, but in battery settings and windows settings isnt anything
i could change..
anyone have/had the same problem and know what to do with it??

second is that after the sleep mode, the keyboard is not lighted and i have to restart the pc to work it again.
after the hibernation is it ok.
anyone know if there is some easy way to fix that??

third problem is, if it is problem at all, that one of the fan holes is partialy covered. one is fully opened and the second is 1/4 opened and 3/4 covered. do you think it is dependant on the model, or country, or somesuch?? i dont intend to play extremely hardware demanding games, but you know i just dont like it that way :)
those 3/4 of the cover seems to be part of the plastic case, so i dunno if could be somehow cut off even if i
give it to accredited servise.. any ideas what to do??

10-05-2012, 01:33 PM
Hi @Kyblik

1) The change from Sleep to Hibernation is default Windows behavior. It does this to prevent loss of data. Sleep requires a small amount of power to preserve the memory snapshot. If the battery were to run down, you would lose the snapshot. Hibernation saves the memory snapshot to disk and requires no battery power. Sleep and Hibernation behavior can be altered by modifying the Windows Power Plan currently in use on your laptop.

2) The failure of the keyboard backlights after Resume from Sleep is a known issue with G55 systems running an updated BIOS (see http://rog.asus.com/forum/showthread.php?18644-Problem-with-backlit-G55&highlight=keyboard+backlight). As I recommended in that thread, PM MarshallR@ASUS and cl-scott in this forum to make ASIS aware of this problem.

3) The fan exhaust configuration you observe is normal for G55 systems. The CPU and GPU fans are directed to a single exhaust over a single radiator that spans the right side exhaust and about 1/4 of the left side exhaust. The left 3/4's of the left side exhaust is striated plastic to give the appearance of a radiator. This consaves cost and weight while retaining cooling efficiency and makes the dual fan exhausts appear symmetrical and more esthetically pleasing.