View Full Version : Phoebus not recognizing speakers/headphones

10-07-2012, 02:16 AM
I'm having a problem with my Phoebus and while I plan on opening a ticket, I wanted to post here to see if anyone else has had this problem. Basically, it doesn't recognize that my speakers or headphones are connected. Before, the options were greyed out until I plugged them in, then I would be able to select them. Now they are greyed out no matter what I do. Ironically, the SPDIF output is not greyed out and I am able to select it. The strange thing about that is that I do now have anything plugged into the SPDIF port. I have tried reinstalling and uninstalling the program many times and that doesn't help. I also reinstalled Windows 7 and that didn't fix it either.

Has anyone dealt with this before or is my Phoebus just shot? Has anyone here dealt with support and is it a painless process to get it replaced. Thanks to anyone who can help!

10-08-2012, 09:10 AM
Sounds odd. I assume you cannot select those outputs manually either?

I would uninstall the drivers completely then try the soundcard in a different PCIe slot if possible. If the speaker/headphone outputs don't work, then RMA the card.

10-08-2012, 06:47 PM
Are you making sure they are plugged in correctly. I'm not sure if you are running 5.1 for speakers. But in the manual it looks like the bottom is for the back, but in fact you skip the bottom jack. So it basically goes like this.

5.1 System
5th is front speakers
6th is for center/woofer
7th is back speakers

I'm saying you plugged them in wrong. But it does happen sometimes. Might need to uninstall the drivers. Remove the card and boot up and then shut down and place the card back in. Make sure you are using the latest drivers off of asus's site for the card.

Windows 7 x64 latest driver: