View Full Version : Just got myself a ASUS G75V-T1031V after 4 x ASUS G75V-T1134V.

10-08-2012, 02:18 PM
Bad News
I can confirm that this new ASUS G75V-T1031V and not T1134V with 670M and not 660M graphics, has the same lines across the screen in grey\bright colours.

God News
No dead pixels and I have now the 670M insted of 660M - tho I have no idea what the difference is, at all (in-game wise).

So why do these lines show up in colours that should be just colours without lines filled in them?
I've experienced over 5 brand new ASUS G75V and two different models, both with the same issue.

So is it safe to say that this is a standard issue following the NVIDIA chip?
Or is it safe to say that this is a standard issue for the choice of screen?

* I only assume this has the same screen as the rest of the G75V in my country.

But I'll rest now, I will be happy with this one as I know 100% that it's impossible to find a ASUS G75V in my country without these lines, I do only hope this is something that will be addressed and fixed or at least offered a solution to for instance get a new screen from ASUS without costing the customer anything.

:) Cheers

Added after
The heat is steady at 40-41c ish while I listen to music on YouTube and doing alot of installing\uninstalling different things while browing the web :)

GTX 670M drivers is at the moment so I guess I'm going to install 306.23 NVIDIA drivers and see how it works with 670M in World of Warcraft compare to 660M that was on my previous G75V-T1134V model.

Notice some difference between the GTX 670M and 660M in World of Warcraft.
I can play with vSync on and Tripple Buffer and have Shadow Effects on High without casuing it to drop in FPS (feeling sluggish).

This is good! :) and while playing WoW the heat is 61-64c ish..