View Full Version : Asus CG8565 Fan Issue

10-08-2012, 05:35 PM

I got my Asus CG8565 today, and I noticed through the AI Suite II, that my chassis Fan 1, never kicks in, it remains at 0 rpm all the time, and i'd like to know if this is natural :/

Please, answer ASAP, while i'm still able to return it :p

02-14-2013, 12:49 PM

Has anyone gotten back to you on this topic? I've been getting random reboots on my 8565 and most indicators suggest a temperature problem.
Noticed the same thing as you where my chassis fan never kicks in on AI suite... ( Though could possibly mean that it never had one )

All in all a perfect computer... and I do not want to see my experience with it sour on technical issues.