View Full Version : Use G74 Keyboard With G73JW - Is it possible?

05-20-2011, 05:06 AM
Since I got my G73 there were only 2 things bothering me, the stopping touchpad, which has been on going nightmare for over 6 months (2 of them the laptop was in various ASUS centers). This was finally fixed last week by removing all tapes under the touchpad.

The 2nd bothering issue is the keyboard. I am a programmer. Typing is my living. While some people mention issues with speed typing I didn't have any of those. What really affected me is the keyboard design.

I cannot count how many times I pressed INSERT / 0 (Num Pad On) when I really wanted to press RIGHT ARROW ->, how many times I press CTRL instead of LEFT ARROW <-, CAPS LOCK instead of A, and so on...

G74 seems to have a better designed keyboard, at least it doesn't have the arrows so similar and close to other keys around them. I think I will be working much better with that other keyboard (or similarly designed one) but it's still 1.5 years to my next laptop purchase and I hate to bring another USB keyboard or so on the laptop surface.

Is it possible to replace the G73JW keyboard with another one better designed and specifically with G74 keyboard?

If yes, where can I buy G74 keyboard? (provided I am in Sydney, Australia)

Thanks a lot.

05-20-2011, 10:23 PM
It may be wider, and not fit.

05-22-2011, 02:07 AM
Thanks Chastity,
That's why I was checking, if anybody knows whether it would fit, both cabling-wise and placement-wise, or whether there are other alternatives?

07-16-2011, 07:18 PM
I do have the same problem here with Meligy! These narrow buttons troubles me to type fast :( I code PHPs so I need to be fast! I prefer to use my wireless keyboard on top of it. Stupid, but it works.

ASUS, please solve our problem by providing G74 keyboard parts for our G73! I'm in Jakarta, Indonesia.


07-16-2011, 11:55 PM
Looking at the pictures and size dimensions, it seems like you'd have to replace the whole keyboard assembly (which may be part of the chassis, I haven't disassembled mine that far yet) since the keyboard goes pretty much edge to edge on the new G74. I'd wager that the cabling is the same, so if you wanted to get creative enough, you could probably pull it off.

07-17-2011, 07:21 PM
Sorry, the G74 case is different as far as assembly goes, so the keyboard swap, even with the whole top part, is incompatible. Sorry guys.