View Full Version : Battery or charger advice please

10-17-2012, 08:37 PM
Im confused on a few topics with my G75VW-DS72

First ive been on the search for a battery for my laptop ,with no luck . Ive always
owned an extra charged battery for my laptops , but cant find one .Im told my
laptop is too new yet .Odd Asus should have one for sale ,but on their site i only
find a 12 cell battery ,8800mAh for 249.00 . Before purchase it saays to check table
for compatible models , yet i see no table link atall
Also before spending over 200.00 on a battery thats only workable in one device
ive been looking at some of the energizer XP series .
The biggest ive found is Energizer XP18000 Universal AC Adapter ffor 139.00

This is reported to work well on multiple devices ,and for much less dinero

Im totally ignorant on batteries , cells etc ...How many cells is the XP vs the Asus 12 cell , and what do cells really bear on the quality of the battery ?

im leaning toward the Energizer as it can be used on many other devices ,and maybe that 12 cell battery wont work in my laptop anyhow ?

can i please get advice on this purchase ?


10-17-2012, 11:36 PM

That one should work with all G75VW's. Should basically be a replacement factory battery, and the eStore should be able to ship to Canada.