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10-19-2012, 09:44 AM
Hello everyone. i'm new to this forum. 1st post.

so i got my laptop. i live in singapore. asus dont carry this laptop in my conutry. so i got mine from ebay. a refurbished set from computerupgradeking. As i understand from refurbish is that its usually a returned laptop when owners change their mind or worse various hardware defects or cosmetic defects. manufacturers will replace the bad parts and sell it as refurbish because it has been previously used or owned.
the set i got from this seller comes with one stuck pixel + missing one fan mesh thingy. they obviously DID NOT refurbish it. it is essentially a blemish set. it will be a huge hassle to send emails / call them up / demand this and that so i'm just gonna let it rest and fixed it myself.

anyways. mine is the G75 i7 3610 660m 8gb
Loaded it up with a samsung 830 ssd + windows 7 Enterprise. no problem there. only essential driver installed.

added 2 X 4 gb corsair vengeance.
the stock ram were these rubbish ones.
cause of all that cas timings and such. ended up with a 665 mhz x 2 = 1330.
i'm willing to tear the laptop apart and buy two more corsair vengeance and replace it with all 4 corsair vengeance 4 X 4 to achieve real dual channel at 1600 mhz.
question is if it is really worth it? (the tearing apart laptop hassle) FYI no warranty issue for me.
1333 vs 1600. lots of speedboost or real life hardly noticeable?

also i am waiting on the intel 6235. its coming in the mail soon.
the stock ones were rubbish as usual. Atheros AR9485WB-EG Wireless Network Adapter
i needed good dual band wifi and the bluetooth 4.0 from the intel 6235 doesnt hurt.

and since i'm already basically tearing it apart i might as well do a screen replacement. the green stuck pixel is right there staring at me. mocking me. but we shall see.

10-19-2012, 10:10 AM
Might as well up the RAM if you are going to upgrade the computer like you say. If not, don't worry about it. Honestly, I'd fight to get the thing returned, unless the guy noted it in the product page and/or pictures, because it really sounds like he cheated you.