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10-19-2012, 02:25 PM
hey guys, i own a G55vw laptop and i notice my cover lid start to be oily and looks like finger prints on a screen. do u guys know how to clean it up? i've cleaned it with water and towel but its not very effective. so share guys? :D

10-19-2012, 04:18 PM
If you have one of those no lint microfiber cloths they seem to work well on this rubber coating I noticed.

Paper and fabric towels leave lint on it.

You could also use mild detergent (basic liquid dish soap diluted into a wash cloth and heavily drained off) to break the finger oil build up down.

If the stains are not breaking down easily... you can always look into using Orange Goo Gone... this stuff is usually good for removing the sticker glue on electronics that gets left behind if you peel of all the labels too quick. This stuff is like industrial strength orange oil... as as long as you use it extremely sparingly a little goes a long way and you can avoid damage to things.


This stuff here ^

Just use it careful in a test area to make sure it does what you want.

10-21-2012, 03:43 AM
okay thanks for the tips :D i hope it doesn't remove the rubber coating

10-21-2012, 04:05 AM
I always just use a damp towel with mild detergent... Takes the oily residue right off... Haven't tried the orange oil, so I'm not sure how safe it'd be on the coating of the notebook.

10-21-2012, 05:07 PM
Just curious, the mild water/dish soap wasnt enough to remove the grease stains?

Goo Gone really shouldnt be needed for finger oils... or did you spill something on it?

10-24-2012, 12:38 AM
Awesome guys, thanks fo the tips. I have been trying to figure out how to clean my baby since i got her (back in July). Can't wait to try some of these tips after work.


10-24-2012, 04:40 AM
For cleaning the screen you cane use "rubbing alcohol"
(That's what Asus uses before they leave the factory)

10-24-2012, 05:32 AM
I never use pure isopropyl alcohol on my screens it can be a bit abusive on some LCD's.. better to cut it down with distilled water before you apply it. I always mix my own in a spray bottle with 50% rubbing alcohol / 50% bottled water ... just to cut the bite of the alcohol down.

Most of the fancy "LCD" cleaner trowels on the market are nothing more than 50/50 water/alcohol solution soaked into lint free napkins.

Just be sure you don't spray directly onto the LCD screen with it since sometimes clumps of water can splotch the screen. Better to spray into a lint free microfiber towel and wipe the screen.