View Full Version : G73JH ATI Driver and Realtek/Creative Sound

05-23-2011, 12:09 PM
Hi gents!
Ive got an ASUS G73JH and only four questions::cool:

1) New vBios installed also the new Catalyst 11.05a Hotfix RC3 Mobility (05/17/11).
But Ive no chance to open the overclocking tool in the CCC.Any reason?

2) After installing the Catalyst 11.05a Hotfix RC3 Mobility (05/17/11) AA wont work
in Flightsimulator 2004!?

3) Is it possible to configure the system so that I can use Speakers and my G35
Logitech Headset together?Its only nessesary for some special tasks - not
really normal... Reason: Sometimes i play BC2.Iff I need a small break I put away my
headset but I just want to hear the voices of my clanmembers in the background
(speakers on at analog entry).

4) It takes a long time during mapchange in BFBC2. Sometimes more than
a minute!
Never less... Is there a chance to resolve this problem? On my HP Notebook with
ATI 4650 GPU it took only 15 seconds! (Same Windows 7 HP x64/RAM/P8700 CPU)

Thanks for answering!

05-23-2011, 03:54 PM
3) there is a physical trigger inside of the jack that is hit when you plug in a headset. My recommendation would be getting a cheap USB sound card if you use something like Ventrilo. Game audio is harder because you don't want to switch the output back & forth. I haven't tried to do it with Windows 7 and I understand that the audio sub system is different but I used to route different audio through different sound devices.

4) map changes are independent of the GPU because only real time graphics are rendered with the GPU. It is either the CPU staying downclocked for some reason (are you running on battery?) or the hard drive.