View Full Version : Do I have things setup correctly?

10-22-2012, 04:02 AM
It's been ages since I've had surround sound going for a desktop PC, so it could be that I need to get acclimated to it again. I'm noticing that most of the sounds from my Asus Phoebus and Logitech z906 speakers, are strong in terms of the center channel.

I do notice surround and I'm hearing things behind me, but all dialogue and most of the sound effects are strongly coming from the front. I was playing torchlight 2 and noticed this a good amount. Is this just typical?

10-22-2012, 08:38 AM
Depending upon how you have it set up, the card will assign individual channels, it is up to the game developers how they assign sound to the channels.

10-22-2012, 08:49 AM
Also make sure that the rear speakers are plugged into the port labelled "rear" on the card, because the manual says they should be plugged into "surround" port...