View Full Version : For the ones that despise Windows 8! This will solve your problems!

10-28-2012, 09:38 AM
The application that will solve all of your grudges with Windows 8 is called Pokki. You can download Pokki Free of charge from this website: https://www.pokki.com/

Here is also a video of it:

- The application has the option to be launched with the Windows key on the keyboard!
- It allows Windows 8 to boot directly into the Desktop after Log-in!
- It can also disable all the hot corners Windows 8 uses for the Charms bar etc.

Most of all:
- It is very light, meaning it will in no case be stressful for your machine.
- It does not require much resources.
- It is beautiful and structured.
- It is easy to use as much as the start menu in Windows 7.

This will allow you to have Windows 8 performance with the Windows 7 ease of access.

I sincerely hope I was helpful to you guys. And I wish you all pleasant use of the new Windows 8 with all problems solved :)