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10-31-2012, 03:31 AM
This has been on sale online in the UK for a few days now yet i cannot find no product page on the ASUS website and no dedicated section here on the forums (did a search).



What's going on?

I know it's a brand spanking new product and all but it's a bit crazy that it's on sale before it's officially supported online.

I desperately need to know if this new Asus Orion Pro has a detachable cable like the Vulcan, it's a make or break vital bit of information for me.

I like both headsets but the Asus Orion Pro has 50mm drivers instead of Vulcans 40, weighs less, has a retractable mic and it just looks A LOT better, (Vulcan looks like something an air traffic controller would wear on a runway).

But there is no point of me ordering an Asus Orion Pro if the cable is not detachable, having to lug around a 2.5m cable is not my idea of fun, i'd much rather switch it out for a 0.5m cable.

Logically, you would think since Asus Orion is the next model in the series it would have the best bits of the Vulcan series but from the photos i've seen, the fitting looked fixed (it certainly looks old school anyway):


The only bit of evidence i can find online that the cable may be detachable is on the bottom of this photo (says Weight: 231g (without cables).


Can someone clarify this bit of information for me?

I would like to place an order for one of these sets ASAP, if i get the Vulcans i'll just use them for home use but i would love to find out the Orions are a) just as good quality and b) have a detachable cable so i can use them both indoor and out :)

Many thanks in advance.


Myk SilentShadow
10-31-2012, 03:56 AM
Do you mean detachable from the headset it's self, or detachable at the Spitfire unit?

10-31-2012, 04:09 AM
From the headset.

I've seen these online in their non pro form without the additional device so surely if they are detachable, it doesn't matter if the device is included or not as it's just a paid extra?

The Vulcans have a detachable cable from the headset itself which is the way forward.

10-31-2012, 04:29 AM
The Orion is not officially released until later this week. We actually haven't even finished writing the PR and tidying up the product pages! They are selling them slightly early sorry.

> I will update the forum ID to include Orion, thank you for noticing!

The Orion is geared towards the mainstream market, where the Vulcan is the high end with its ANC. It does have slightly larger speakers, true, but it's geared to balance gaming and entertainment, not just high-end gaming. In this regards it does not come with the travel pouch, and the cable and microphone are fixed to the headset (although the microphone is fully retractable). The cable is detachable from the Spitfire audio dongle on the PRO however.

More info on the Spitfire hardware here: http://rog.asus.com/158152012/sound-cards-and-headsets/hands-on-usb-spitfire-audio-dongle-for-vulcan-pro-orion-pro/

10-31-2012, 04:43 AM
Thanks for clearing that up.

I understand it's not geared towards gaming as much, ANC is not a big deal for me as all reviews i've read online state that it's not a great feature on the Vulcan as it makes the audio quality worse and the passive noise cancelling is enough on its own.

So if this Orion was detached from the Spitfire, how long of a cable are we talking about here?

2.5m is the stated length, is that what the cable is before it is attached to the spitfire?

It is a shame that a fully detachable cable design wasn't implemented because it means there is now a weak point that can easily break after a period of wear and tear that will make the headphones totally useless.

It also means that despite this model being made lighter and more arguably more attractive for using outside the home, they are not as portable (cable wise) as they could of been.

Can i assume this device has the same 2 year limited warranty as the Vulcan?

Is wear and tear of the cable joints covered under the warranty?

Apologies for all the questions but since it's on sale early, i may just get it anyway.

10-31-2012, 06:01 AM
2 year warranty. Cable wear should be covered by warranty, although the warranty notice included does state it does not cover misuse and abuse. We do a lot of cabled products as you can imagine and usually it's not a problem.

It's 2.5m before the Spitfire, but it does come with an ROG branded 'cable organizer' so you can wrap up as much as you need for storage.

Depending on when the PR comes out, I'm writing up an unboxing and overview article on the front page for a day or two after.

No need to apologize at all - thanks for your interest! :D Sorry we aren't 100% ready yet, but the wheels are turning and it should all be done soon :)

I will relay your comments about the cabling so they can look at it for Orion II.

10-31-2012, 03:14 PM
Thank you so much.

I think i will wait for your front page review, i'm hoping it's as good in sound quality as the Vulcan, if it is, i'll snap it up and deal with the long cable.

For future models of the Orion i believe a detachable cable would be ideal for their light and stylish appearance since it has a standard 3.5 jack, it means people can use the standard long cable at home, but swap it out for a much shorter cable when on the move.

If you guys really wanted to up your game and make the best gaming headset (nay, best headset ever made), make something that looks as good as the Orion with the same amazing sound quality / passive noise isolation of the Vulcan and add 5.8 ghz wireless, bluetooth + cable connections to create the ultimate high end headset model ever made.

Throw in triple A removable batteries too and i'd pay what ever you want to charge, lol

I only mention this because i spent a good 8 hours straight yesterday looking all over the internet for the best gaming headset around and all the wireless models are favored towards consoles and don't take into consideration that there are still PC gamers that need a the ultimate headset with removable rechargeable batteries and still have full microphone capability.

I'm looking for something that unfortunately doesn't exist yet, the closest i can find it the Turtlebeech Earforce PX5 in which i am currently a very unhappy owner of.

They have good sound quality, detachable adjustable mic, removable batteries, bluetooth and wifi which is all great, they just have terrible range (half a metre from the receiver) and i believe this is due to the fact they are susceptible to interference being they are on the 2.4ghz frequency range and being in London i have over 5 neighbors 2.4 ghz wifi signals pass through my house.

They have a 5.8ghz model but unfortunately they have decided to go with built in battery packs that can't be removed, a very annoying decision simply because once the charge is depleted, you're stuck on a cable for 3-8 hours whilst charging (and i use my headset all waking weekend).

None of their models offer sound isolation either which is something i want as i share my room with noisy people and it would also be great to be on public transport with warm ears in winter whilst not having to hear the noises of the public and vice versa, me annoying strangers with my loud music.

I know i've babbled on but not one manufacture does everything i want and it's getting frustrating.

Even if the Orion 2 has a detachable lead, wireless is the future (i currently use a bluetooth adapter combined with sony in ear headphones that offer very little noise leakage protection and of course no ear warming functionality during winter) :(

Anyhoo thanks for listening and i look forward to your upcoming review, you can move this topic to the Orion section once it's up and running :)



11-01-2012, 06:58 AM
When you go wireless, the difficulty is weight and compact size. Batteries and wireless add mass, versus wired, which increases fatigue and drops the comfort factor sharply. Most serious gamers have told us they prefer wired too because the sound is immediate; as wireless that can introduce x ms of lag. 5GHz is also becoming more populated as 802.11ac takes off as well, so eventually this will become similar to your 2.4G experience. I agree a detachable cable is preferred should it get caught on a chair wheel, but with the included cable wrap in the PRO box, this does help negate it a little. :)

Also, just to clarify: we don't provide 'reviews' as it would be unethical and misleading, we provide 'informational articles' to give you the full info and behind the scenes understanding of what the product is, our ideas in making it and who it's designed for ;) We set a strict line between what we information provide and what our tech media friends do: they will write their independent review and score once they receive samples shortly ;)