View Full Version : G73Sw can't utilize N

05-28-2011, 05:18 AM
I have taken the time and checked, researched and wine and dined the web. The router is indeed operating at N speeds. (I used another [brand] machine and determined, it is this machine at issue.) The Asus laptop just does not work in N mode no matter what. Actually, there is no option for that.

I am using as the title states a G73Sw, with the Intel Centrino(R) Advanced N 6250 AGN for wireless. <-- I assume this is actually a N card built in.

My router [Buffalo WZR-HP-G300NH - Atheros based chipset] is putting out N and is properly configured using 40MHz. As is what's normally needed to be done to get to N. Security settings and make sure the channel is not being used and so forth. There is no doubt the router is running as it should. Else, I would be at the manufacturer of that devices support. I can connect any N rated device to it, at full N - 300Mbps speeds
When I go to setup the Intel wireless on the G73, there is no option for N what so ever. The wireless mode drop down shows all the modes, but no N. (Via Device Manager / Device Properties / Advanced / Wireless Mode)

This is one of my last avenues prior to returning the machine and getting my money back. I am hoping that I missed something or there is an answer I might of missed.

The machine is fully updated via the support page for the machine and seems to operate to what I expect, besides the N issue.
I suspect it may be a driver issue.