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11-02-2012, 07:19 AM
I origionally posted at http://rog.asus.com/forum/showthread.php?519-G73Jh-GSOD-Vbios-Update&p=178072&viewfull=1#post178072
But figured I should probably make a new topic to get more views.

Sometime after a fresh reboot can be 10mins or 10 hrs I begin to get this weird pixelation that will eventually lead to a BSoD what does not make sense is that if I play a full screen dx9+ games it will never have an issue and will never crash. its only when im at a desktop using different programs or browsing the net. I have tried almost everything I can from running msi combuster for numerous tests, memtest 86 for a few hours, prime 95 for well over an hour even ran some video card memory test program. and all return back 100% fine. I have went as far as formatting and then doing a full system restore. but all of this seamed to start shortly after I brought the bios of the motherboard and gpu up to date. have tried all the gpu bios from this thread which lead to same result, and got the 213 bios off the asus website. I also have tried many different ati mobility drivers including the 10-8 that is recomended in this forum, the 12-8 and 12-10 as well, all lead to same issue.

The exact model of my laptop is the: G73JH-X2

Here are a few screen shots of what happens:

Thank you to anyone that can provide help. I am willing to try anything at this point.

11-05-2012, 03:55 AM
Seems like too hot resulting in broken Figure....
If you into the bios manual and standby at the bios manual to check have any problem(EX: Crash system)
If this issue still can't solved,maybe the NB bad ot fail, you can plan sent the NB to reair and test...

11-05-2012, 10:29 AM
Thank you for the response, I don't fully understand what you are stating,
When you say,
Seems like too hot resulting in broken Figure....
Why can I game for hours on end and never have a single issue, 0 artifacts, 0 locks ups, 0 BSoD, and monitor gpu/cpu temps and they never fluctuate beyond the temps that I have seen from day one of owning this laptop.

If you into the bios manual and standby at the bios manual to check have any problem(EX: Crash system)
If this issue still can't solved,maybe the NB bad ot fail, you can plan sent the NB to reair and test...
I don't understand what you are saying here, If you are asking if I can leave the laptop on the bios screen with no crash, that is correct I have yet to experience a crash/lockup when sitting in the bios screen, how ever I have not left it there for hours on end but enough time that if something could of happened it would of. The last part I do not understand what is "bad ot fail", I do not know what bad ot fail means or are you stating maybe there is a hardware failure. But that also leads me back to my first quote, when there is a heavy load on the system like running a game, I never have a problem and I have ran every hardware test I could find for hours at a time and all return back with 0 issues.

how ever I found this: http://rog.asus.com/forum/showthread.php?8943-G73-Freezing-Crashing-Issue-WORKAROUND-FOUND and it has seamed to make a big difference so far. After 1 day of full use I seen the Pixelation for a brief second and then it went away and haven't seen it since, usually once I see it it will just keep getting worse until it finally BSoD's which hasn't been the case. Ive browsed the net and gamed for about 12 hrs from the time I noticed it with out a hiccup. The laptop has a good amount of hours on it, and game on it almost every day for past year, before that it was heavily used from time to time when I would travel. Although I do try and blow out the dust occasionally and such I am going to pull it apart and re-paste the gpu/cpu and clean any dust that has accumulated for I'm sure some of the cooling fins are clogged even though i can feel good air circulation. Bought the laptop just after they were released in 2010 so its out of warranty and don't plan to send it anywhere. I also do monitor temps pretty closely and nothing has ever been out of the norm since day one.

Thank you.

11-09-2012, 02:33 PM
Just to follow up this post, I took the laptop apart on Monday night, and to my surprise there was not much dust at all and the cooling fins were not cloged at all. I repasted both the gpu and cpu, cleaned everything up very nice. One other thing I did was pull the fans apart and wow those have got to be the best computer fan design I've ever seen, they pulled right apart with ease was able to clean them up and give them some fresh silicon oil and now they are as quiet as the day I got the laptop. If anyone is wondering I used 40wt pure silicon shock oil for rc car/truck shocks. When all said and done I seamed to have droped 3-5 C on idle both gpu and cpu, max load didn't change much at all. One thing I did notice though was that many screws were very loose when disassembeling. So far I am still using throttlestop and haven't tried running without it, but I've actually beat my record uptime by almost 24 hrs so far since I did the full system restore. So weather it was just something loose, maybe something wasn't making good physical contact and it was a heat issue that wasn't being caught by the sensors or what I'm not sure but so far so good. I did also mix up the slots the ram were in and reseated the video card. Will update this post if I find any issues, I hope my issues are done with now...

12-04-2012, 12:57 AM
After beating my head off the wall for basically 2 days straight (I finally got annoyed enough to track down this issue), I downgraded vbios, motherboard bios to stock, used a 2nd hard drive installed fresh copy of windows, installed only sp1, went and installed video drivers, opened browser and started to notice something that I could finally make happen every time. It can be seen here in this video Weird Blocks on mouse over links and text - YouTube (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l1Eox4070to). I did a search for archived video drivers and came to notice someone with a different model 5xxx series ati card said they had issues (never stated specifics) on a 12.6 driver and reverted back to 12.4 well I had nothing to loose so went and uninstalled my current driver which was the latest driver 12.10, ran ati crap cleaner, and installed 12.4 series driver and bam no more black block(could this be the resolution to my weird pixels as well? lets hope so), so now I have re updated the vbios and motherboard bios to current versions and in almost 24 hrs no bsod, no weird pixels, seams all is good now lets just hope it stays this way. Thanks for all the help and being inspirational for me to finally dig though this and resolve the issue.

The site I found the drivers on was An archive of AMD Mobility Catalyst Windows 7 x64 drivers – PCR's notepad (http://notepad.patheticcockroach.com/1285/an-archive-of-amd-mobility-win-7-x64-drivers/)

Thanks again.