View Full Version : G74SX-XT1 to 3d G74-SX

11-16-2012, 04:27 PM
hey guys quick question, if i were to purchase a 3d led/lcd screen for the 3d G74 model, can i place it in my G74SX-XT1 and have 3d just like the 3d G74SX models, or is it more than just the screen that is required for 3d?

11-16-2012, 07:11 PM
Additional questions that I think are relevant to your query:

1. Would the 3D screen replacement include the built-in IR emitter?
2. Are the G74SX variants all have the same motherboard specifications (2D/3D compatible)?

It would be really helpful if the @ASUS guys could confirm or negate these,
considering that this question isn't the first time asked in the Forum..

11-22-2012, 02:26 AM
HI, i think you can not chage 3D screen to your w/o 3D screen model.