View Full Version : Asus g73jh heat issues 5870

the avenger
11-17-2012, 07:15 PM
was thinking of geting a used laptop from a friend , i am new here ..so thought should ask ppl here 1st.

the laptop gpus is quite hot - i installed afterburner and temps were nearly 55-58c stock which is quite high , in games usually 75c which is very hot .

i will try nfs most wanted / bf3 etc tommorow but how do i control the temps -

i heard that the latest bios flash to the mobo allows the fan to run at 100 % speed .

can i in any means increase the fan speed so the temps come down - i dont want to open up the laptop - i can blow compressed air but i need a proper soloution with out opening the laptop .

any software which will allow me to run the fan speed to full --or a bios update of some sort .