View Full Version : G75VW Hangs, freezes, locks-up? One G75's freezing? Shame on you Asus! Two G75's.....

11-22-2012, 06:06 AM
...hanging? Shame on me......for not returning it to Amazon in time and getting a Samsung Series 7 instead! I'm interested in taking a casual survey to see who else has an unreliable G75VW that can't be fixed by any of the solutions already posted on here, such as uninstalling McAfee etc... The model I have is the G75VW-DS73-3D as sold by Amazon.com. My review on Amazon says it all :-

If you like random Hangs, Freezes, and System lockups. Buy the G75VW-DS73-3D!
I cannot recommend the G75VW-DS73-3D which is a pity as it's a nice looking machine when its working. In fairness to Asus after months of haggling they sent me a replacement G75 at their expense. But it has the exact same hangs freezes and system lockups! Is this coincidence? A bad batch perhaps? I don't know, so I'll leave it to the prospective buyer to decide.... Nvidia Driver updates do not fix the problem believe me I've tried, and Asus VIP support is the absolute worst!

If you want to know what problems you might face with this laptop read this letter below to Asus that I sent after test driving a second G75 for a month. Incidentally, a common fault is that both G75's also had wrongly configured Atheros Ethernet slow upload speeds, making me think additional patch(s) weren't run at the time of the build. Either that or its an outright bad batch of G75's with bad 670m GPU's. Either way Asus have no solution. I will probably sell mine 2nd hand and buy a Samsung because I looked at the Samsung Series 7 and regret not buying it, as the Nvidia 675 appears more stable.

If anyone has any questions about the G75 I can answer them in the comments section. For instance is the 3D worth it? In my view: NO! Playing for hours will almost certainly give you headaches as the 3D is not as comfortable as watching a 3D movie at the cinema. Basically the active shutter glasses approach causes strain on the eyes. Moreover the 3D means every game is darker, and even with brightness turned up within the game and in the power options, the clarity is not as good.

Dear Asus,

You misunderstand the problem. Please read carefully! I'm certain the
system freezes are solely due to the buggy 670m GPU. How do I know
this? Because the system can occasionally recover from a pending
crash. When it can, it logs this message :-

"Display driver nvlddmkm stopped responding and has successfully recovered."

Most other times it fails to recover, and the system hangs which then
requires a hard reboot. Either way the symptoms are always the same!
But I'm sure you know this already from internal testing?! Or are you
saying that both of my G75's are part of a rare bad batch? I have a
feeling that the Samsung Series 7 with the 675 is more stable and
that's why there are less complaints about it.

To directly address your question though. I choose to rebuild the new
G75 from scratch. The system image / Windows Easy Transfer options
weren't that useful anyway. But so far on the new G75, I've only
installed the basic programs. So I've held off installing lots of
games and the game design software that I use, such as Unity 3D, UDK
and Blender etc.

Also note, the crashes mostly happen on the Desktop when merely using
Explorer, or Firefox with plug-ins / JavaScript disabled. Or running
IE with basic plug-ins enabled or just using MS Office. Please note that
following on from Asus-ROG postings on G75 hangs, the new G75 has disabled :-

A. all anti-virus software (uninstalled),
B. all unneeded Services...
C. all Scheduled Tasks...
D. all registry RUN commands & updaters etc.