View Full Version : idirect wifi and ipad 2

11-25-2012, 03:10 PM
good day, i know this is like kicking a dead horse but i cant figure out how to get this software to work. i think it might be a problem with windows 8 and not being able to install mobile link. im not sure but asus does not make a windows 8 version for there rampage extreme mobos. if you have any information that might help me with connecting with idirect, please leave a message.


windows 8 64bit
rampage extreme iv

01-02-2013, 01:37 PM
Bumping this thread.
I was able to get iDirect working on my Maximus IV Extreme Z motherboard via my iPad 1 through wifi
However multiplier option is not available... I can't get bluetooth to work and the manual with my mobo also stated that I should use wifi if I were to connect using an iPad

Also I only installed AI SUITE II and Mobilink 1.01.07

Hope we get some response soon and more power.