View Full Version : No GPU downclock on 120hz refresh mode...affects performance?

06-04-2011, 01:56 PM
I posted a while back that my GPU is idling at 56 ~ 64 degrees celcius...and I hit around 85 at max load ... nVidia claims the GPU can run at 105 c and still stable, they didnt realy specify the limit when damage starts to happen...in comparison the CPU's limit is at 100 c but I get 34 ~ 41 degrees celcius on idle...

I was going around nVidia's forums and I found that nVidia's drivers dont downclock to 2D mode speed when on 120hz refresh, it stays on 3D mode speed ... and its not a bug or issue...

taking it to 60hz my GPU idles at 45 ~ 52 degrees celsius (same when its running on battery) but you wont be able to use Stereoscopic 3D...

Now Im curious if high refresh rates degrade performance on games?

06-04-2011, 03:22 PM
You can still force a downclock. At home, my dual GTX285 SLI + 3 monitors forces my main card to idle at full speed, since the nvidia drivers say "it's neccessary". However, in NV Surround, it downclocks just fine. :)

I use NVIDIA Inspector to boot to a profile that runs at the lower idle speeds, and nothing goes bonkers on it. I just restore the normal high-speed profile when I want to game.