View Full Version : Average FPS while gaming?

06-10-2011, 06:10 AM
I was just wondering what kind of performance other people were getting while gaming, and what kind of settings they were using in their CCC. I'm on a g73jh-RBBX05 (not sure if the last part is exactly correct, it's the best buy older version). I love this laptop, and have been using it nonstop for nearly 6 months; but I also have a serious problem with needing to tweak every little thing in order to get it "perfect". This is fun sometimes, but it also means that I barely ever get a chance to just sit back and play games.

Some examples of games I play:
Rift - Average of 30 fps. Highs around 60, lows down to 12. (I've tweaked this game the most, I really need some advice on what the optimal CCC settings for Rift would be. Also, should I be using twinturbo?)

Battlefield Bad Company 2 - Decent performance on medium settings. Seems to fluctuate.

Thanks for the help!