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06-14-2011, 08:08 AM
today i flashed by bios today using this method :
IV. Fn+Esc freezing
Pressing it is supposed to freeze up the laptop.
Solution: Solved in 209 and later Bios.
How to:
Needed files:
Bios files.

The rar contains:
G73JhAS.209 (Bios 211) and G73JhAS.211 (Bios 211).
Ive included both, since they both have the same bugfixes, only 211 has fan profile changes, meaning with 211 the fans will spin up faster, so it will get louder sooner, but some people report lower load temperatures. Both are fine, so choose which you prefer.

Flashing Bios (credits to stubbornswiss):
- You need a USB stick again, but this time any will do. (it doesnt need to be bootable, but you can use the bootable one if you made it for flashing the vBios too, you dont need to format it or anything, just add the bios files onto it)
- Extract the files from the rar onto the USB stick.
- Save the Bios on a flash drive.
- When you see the Asus splash screen, press the F2 key to enter Bios.
- In the Bios, navigate to the Advanced tab.
- In Advanced tab, select "Start Easy Flash" (should already be selected), and hit enter.
- This should bring you to the Asus Tek. Easy Flash Utility page.
Under "Current Platform" you should have your current Bios.
- Navigate to the right middle pane, and select G73JhAS.209 (if you want the silenter 209 Bios) or G73JhAS.211 (if you want the cooler 211 Bios), and hit enter.
- It will ask "Do you want to update BIOS", and give you options "Yes and No".
- Select Yes, and the update will begin, and run through to completion.
- When finished, the notebook will shut down.
- Go ahead and restart your notebook, which should now have the new, updated Bios.
Update bios using Easy Flash utility in Bios, do not do it from windows, since that may cause your keyboard lights to go out and has more chances to completely brick your laptop!
Also a reminder, do this at your own risk, since theres always a chance a Bios flash can brick your laptop!

so now after the bios updated and following the steps above, when i turn on my g73jh, the screen stays black and only stays on there and doesnt do anything but the lights and everything is still on just that the monitor is all black and cant see anything and the fan speed up really high.
i tried updating to 209 from 206.
so my question is what is my issue? is it a fail bios update?
is there any solution? i have tried to reset button on the back of the laptop and now i hear i have to reset the cmo battery....
help guys?

06-14-2011, 05:21 PM
If you've tried removing all power (battery+plug) and tried using the reset then there isn't really anything that can be done from the outside. Is this still under warranty so you could send it in?

06-14-2011, 07:58 PM
yes its still under warranty and ive tried the hard reset on it.