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12-24-2012, 04:39 AM
Hello, I'm Blueprint.

I'm having a problem deciding whether or not to buy the G75VW or wait till the 76 or the VX comes out. I have been following the G series laptops for quite some time and I finally have enough money and reason to acquire one. I want to be able to play PC games heavily but also use it for college school work. I'm making the decision to go with a G series laptop over building a full ATX tower because, I'm almost never at home and my current laptop wont run the current game I'm playing at full specs and only runs it at about 10FPS. I understand that I am paying 1000$ - 2000$ on a laptop, I could build the full ATX tower for cheaper and be faster but I need the portability of a laptop for college. Ontop of that I need it to last and able to play the A-list games for a few years until I can upgrade again.

So there is my conundrum, but I've got a few questions before I make a final decision.

The VW's GPU is able to be upgraded?

I ask this because I've read conflicting forum posts that they are bound to the board and I've read posts where you could potentially change them out independently with a better one in the future.

Simpler question: Is the G series set up to be able to handle a faster GPU in the future incase I want to upgrade without having to buy a whole new rig.

(My current laptop's GPU is overclocked from 300CS to 650CS past the stock clock rate and that's just to run ARMA II for DayZ on the lowest possible settings at 10-15FPS)

Can you change the RAM out with a higher frequency unit?

Again I ask because I like modding from the original specs for overclocking and higher performance uses, I'm not talking about the SO-Dimm expansion slots.

Those are the two questions I have for now, I'm sure as you guys/girls answer I will come up with more of them.

Also, I do alot of work in FL Studio/Reason and it gets pretty memory intensive.

12-24-2012, 05:23 AM
Sounds to me .. Please excuse me Asus .. that you actually need Both, a laptop and a Desktop.
I would build a full blown ROG desktop for gaming and rendering .. sky (budget) is the limit ..
and a lesser, lighter laptop for class .. consider the bulk and safety of the equipment issue
with daily classes ..
If you still insist on cramming all in one .. then I might wait for the full specs of the Vx to
show itself .. waiting for the 76 .. well .. when does class start ? We have no indication of
when this is going to happen.

There are many ideas of 'best' here .. for my view .. AMD does the trick for the above ..
some say Intel with AMD Gpu .. and every opinion in between.

Best of Luck our Friend. Welcome to ROG.c.

12-24-2012, 05:35 AM
Classes start at the end of January for the spring semester. I can get by with my current laptop for classes but I need to upgrade soon. I would love to build a full tower but I don't have the time to use it type of thing. Maybe with my new night class schedule I should go more with the ROG Tower.

The safety and bulk isn't a problem because it would be either in my backpack or in-front of me and I'm quite careful with all of my electronics. I just cant make a decision on what to do and I've been thinking about it for months. To make large decisions like this takes forever with me.

Thank you for your advice, I appreciate it. Though I would like a couple more inputs from other forum members.

12-24-2012, 06:11 AM
i think ASUS NB can not chagne GPU anymore, G76 is newly NB, i think you can ask reseller or ASUS Service Center, it would be giving you more recommend and give you suggest what you need.

12-24-2012, 06:18 AM
i would suggest a g75vx.

1. unfortunately, the gpu is not upgradeable. however, with a g75vx that has a thunderbolt port, there is a possibility to use eGPU (http://rog.asus.com/forum/showthread.php?26156-MSI-GUS-II-amp-The-Future).

2. for RAM in default SKU, you can do a full swap but it voids warranty if you do it by yourself. the best way to do that without voiding warranty is to find a custom builder to do it for you (plus any other parts in the laptop).