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12-28-2012, 09:14 AM
So I received my Xonar Phoebus in the mail today and I disabled on board audio in BIOS, uninstalled Realtek drivers and plugged the card into my rig and in that order. On restart, the card isn't detected. Tried going to device manager and scanning for hardware with no luck. The sound card has power, indicated by the glowing logo and the lighting on the rear connectors.

Here's my config.

i5-3570K, Seasonic X-1050 Watt PSU, Asus Maximus V Formula mobo, 2x 7970 dual Crossfire in top two PCIe x16 slots, Running a clean install of Windows 8 64bit. The Xonar Phoebus is in the topmost PCIe x4 slot. However I've tried removing the GPU's and using the sound card in another PCIe x1 and x16 lane and the situation is still the same card is powered up but not detected. Have tried switching PSU cables also, no change.

Can someone please help ???

UPDATE : I downloaded the latest WHQL Win 8 drivers and installed them regardless of what Device manager or Speccy told me. Got an error during installation "Xonar Phoebus needs additional Power" but continued with installation anyway, reboot, enabled HD Audio in BIOS and now seems all is in order.

Feel like an idiot now but posted here anyway. Mods may sticky / close or shift this elsewhere. Thank you.

03-05-2014, 10:34 PM
17 920
pci-e ssd

I even tried other 2 pcie slots

03-06-2014, 12:10 AM
Same exact problem

17 920
pci-e ssd

I even tried other 2 pcie slots
If you do indeed have the "same exact problem" then the update AloneQuotient posted should solve the issue. Otherwise please post an accurate list of your system components and operating system used along with a detailed description of the issue and the steps taken to resolve it.

03-06-2014, 09:57 PM
Device manager not detecting, my brand new Pheobus

WIN7 64
ROG ssd pcie 240g
12g ram
2560x1600 + 1920x1080

Tried running Asus DVD for install and running driver for
uninstalled all nvidia drivers and hd audio drivers (in program files)
turned everything to default in BIOS
Tried disabling on board sound via Bios
disabled and uninstalled everything under sound, game and video controllers under device manager.
also tried to run registry and temp folder cleaner (as suggested in another ASUS forum.
Light turns blue always on the card., I tried different 6 pin from 1000 watt psu,
tried different pci express slots .

My PC will not recognize my ASUS PHEOBUS

PS my RAZER Tiamat 10 driver 7.1 headset just got in today , Headset looks beautiful, wish my 7.1 sound card worked

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03-08-2014, 05:52 PM
It sounds like the card is the issue, if it's not being detected in multiple slots. (A giveaway of sorts: on a cold boot, you should be able to hear a loud single click from the card if it's being detected properly. If you don't hear that, something's definitely wrong.) The only other possibility would be to drop it in a second PC, but of course everybody can't do that...