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12-29-2012, 06:14 PM
Hi guys!

I recently ordered Asus G75VX-CV012H + 3D (Win8) (Notebook 17,3 Core i7-3630QM 1256GB 8GB). In the description it said that the display would be 'Full HD None-Glare 3D', but when I opened the packaging I found that my G75VX had a glossy (glare) display.

Everywhere on the internet and especially at the ASUS hompage it clearly says that G75VX has a 'Non-Glare' display, and I wasn't able to find a model that had a glossy one.

Is something wrong with my laptop - could it even be a fake? Do all new G75VX have a glare display or is it even an old model? Is it maybe location-dependent (I live in Europe - Austria)? For me a glare display is a clear no-go.

On the packaging it says: 'LCD + ID - Color: 17.3 FHD WV (GL, LED, 3D)/U3' Please help!

Thanks very much in advance!


12-29-2012, 06:34 PM
Contact your retailer, Andi, and get the problem corrected.

12-29-2012, 06:41 PM
i think something is surely wrong here; the page about g75vx at ASUS homepage doesn't state that. can you please point us to that particular page? or have you got confused with the non-3D versions?

afaik, the 3D version usually come with a glossy screen (at least where i'm from it's like that).

12-29-2012, 06:57 PM
You received a laptop with a 120hz monitor (3D). They come glossy and are more expensive than the 60hz non-glossy panels distributed with the non 3D version of VX.

12-29-2012, 06:57 PM
Thank you very much for your quick replies!

@dstrakele: Thx, I will do that immediately.

@rewben: Oh I didn't know that the 3d screens are all glossy.
Here the link to the model that I bought: http://www.redcoon.at/B422713-Asus-G75VX-CV012H-3D-Brille-Win8_Notebooks
Unfortunately the page is in german.

I just realized that I also have the old bgn wlan and not the ac. A Thunderbolt connection is also missing :(

12-29-2012, 07:08 PM
please note that different retailers might carry different g75 models (hence, different specifications). @dstrakele is right, send it back to them is the best thing to do (you should also ask them if they have g75 with ac wlan and thunderbolt, too)

12-29-2012, 07:48 PM
Thanks guys!

Glad to know that glossy displays are standard with 3D models of the G75VX!
I will contact the retailer anyway since I believed that I was buying wlan ac and thunderbolt.

A bit soon but: Happy New Year!