View Full Version : G74sx running at 2560x1440 on monitor that supports it but doesn't report it.

12-30-2012, 04:17 AM
I should state beforehand that I'm on Windows 8 running the the reference drivers from Nvidia version 310.70.

I picked up an Auria 27" LED IPS monitor (EQ-276W) for a good deal at Microcenter.

I noticed it states you must use DVI-D to get 2560x1440, the G74 obviously only supports HDMI output.

I picked up an adapter from Radio Shack part number 15-375 to go from HDMI to DVI (I know I can get these cheaper from amazon et al, but I wanted to make sure I could return it easily). I didn't try this next part over the HDMI port, but I suppose it's possible it would work.

When I hooked everything up it detected the display fine, but still would only run at 1920x1080.

I was racking my brain when I figured I'd try something new for myself, use the Nvidia control panel to create a custom resolution. Based upon all of the information I could find the monitor supported 2560x1440@40hz, some report it detecting 60, but I haven't tried that yet.

I went into the Nvidia Control Panel to the "Change Resolution" heading.

Click on Customize
Click on Create Custom Resolution

Next is the part that took a while to figure out

the settings that finally worked for me:

Horizontal pixels: 2560
Vertical lines: 1440
Refresh Rate: 40
Color Depth: 32
Scan Type: Progressive

Now for the key:
Timing: CVT Reduced Blank

Tested and saved like a charm. applied ther esolution and all went well.

I may try it at 60 to see if there's any problems but this one definately worked for me.