View Full Version : Suggested EQ app to work with Phoebus

Toasted Spider
01-17-2013, 05:41 AM
First - big thanks to Raja for clarifying what driver version to use (and where to find it), as I just installed my Phoebus into a new Win7/64 box. Everything just worked (knock on wood).

Now - my question:

Is there any kind of EQ app that works in conjunction with the Phoebus control panel (or for that matter, without it)? In my older machine with one of the Soundblaster cards, I had and used the EQ that came with the driver. My hearing is pretty messed up, especially in one ear, and hoping to find an EQ app to help balance this out, especially with headphones.

No gaming here, just serious music listening...

EDIT: I should add: the EQ option does not show up when I right-click the speaker icon. Instead, there's a link for Dolby. However, while Dolby launches (takes some time), all the controls are disabled.

Running Win7/64 Ultimate.


01-17-2013, 08:42 AM
Launch Dolby Home Theater v4 and click on the top left corner icon. It's the on/off switch. You can also right click the Dolby icon in the notification area. From there select on or off. To make adjustments select Customize.