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01-25-2013, 04:28 PM
Hi my first Post.
Got this card (Phoebus) just before Xmas and my experienced so far been good, im please so far, gaming and movies are outstanding :)
Only problem i had once was a blue screen, memory dumb i think, when i muted the mic on the control box, but it could of been something else related, im not sure. Im using the latest beta drivers as well.

Ok now to my question. Ive just acquired a pair of Senn HD 598 and i want to know what settings do i use in the window control sound panel. Up until now ive been using 7.1 as i have that setup for my analogue speakers. Do i need to change it to stereo or leave it as is and just change the relevant setting in my ROG panel ? What would be the optimal speaker settings in the windows control panel for headphones ?

By the way these headphones are amazing, ive so far just experienced them with my dad's 20year old Kenwood amp, which he uses for his Blu-Ray and music and "wow", the position on these headphones are out of this world, music another dimension to, cant wait to try them for gaming....:p

Any assistance would be appreciated thank you.

EDIT: Seems it doesn't really matter as i just find out when u plug ur phones in a new tab called "Headphones" appears under the Window Sound Control panel where it only lets u select stereo.

Im still learning :p

01-26-2013, 01:59 AM
Just use the ROG panel to set the headphones up. But yes since your headphones is stereo, then you would want to pick that. Also when you game change it in the game settings for headphones there also. You can just right click the icon and a drop down list will appear for you. Then you can set everything there to your liking. Also remember the sound card has a built in headphone amp with 3 amp levels settings for headphones.

01-26-2013, 12:52 PM
Thx for reply Killer, im getting there. One other question, there are 3 gain settings in the headphone settings on the rog panel. As for my phones HD598 (50ohms) it would make sense to use the 1st one <64ohms, but i find i have to really turn the volume up above 50 to really feel them, when i use the second setting (64-150oms), i never have to go above 50 (volume). If i leave it at this setting with this card, could i damage my phones ?

01-26-2013, 04:51 PM
I would try the middle amp setting for yours. As then you wouldn't need to turn them up as much. But yes if you try and crank it way up with the amp going it could damage your headphones. But as long as you use low volume to test with, it will be fine that way.