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01-28-2013, 10:39 PM
So I was just curious to know what are the long term problems I could face? Or is just heat that I should worry about when running after heavy stress? Because Intill recently my pc was running 30-25C hotter after heavy stress intill I cleaned the fans with a gas duster, but the temperatures were really hot when my pc was under heavy performance my CPU peekd 96C and my gpu always 80C and still it ran fine. So my question is to you guys is overclocking okay, maybe just to a point? I feel like seeing the high temperatures did not cause any problems.

One more question:
I heard if you dont turn off EIST when you overclock you will get freezes? and also what is a good program to monitor power consumption of the laptop.

01-28-2013, 11:10 PM
Heat alone isn't going to kill the CPU but it will speed up the process. Baking a chip without using it would find it in much the same condition as when it started. In the end it's the electrical current flowing through that kills them. So higher voltage (needed for anything over a minor OC) with unmanaged heat is the perfect recipe for killing things.

Think of the voltage as water running along a river. If the flow is consistently low it will continue pretty much where it always has and wear will be consistently low as well. If the water starts flowing higher and faster the river will wear at the earth faster and the flow may spill over into another direction. Higher voltage will cause progressively more electrons to jump and wear at the silicon.

A mild OC with a minor voltage bump and proper cooling probably won't cause any noticeable damage. You'll likely be replacing the hardware for performance reasons before you kill it. But of course the more you push things the more you shorten that time table so it's up to what makes sense for you.