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Some Guy
07-08-2011, 05:22 AM
I'm here to spin you a bit of a sob story and hopefully find some advice/resolution, so heads up for that. Also this eventually concerns laptops, sorry it's so long.

About 3 months ago my friend was looking for a gaming laptop, and as I and another mutual friend had a g73 and knew a bit about computers, he asked for my help finding something. I suggested a Asus G series (as I've been happy with mine and for the 1 year warranty) At first it seemed to be going nowhere-He didn't exactly come by money too readily, so we were looking at laptops with low end cards (400 was more or less his max) which was a bit frustrating.

One day while browsing Newegg's open box section I came across a G60VX, for only $481-Leaps and bounds ahead of anything else even remotely close in price. I called him over and suggested he purchase it, however he didn't have the money on hand for even a basic laptop. I offered to cover the difference and that we could work something out later, and we pressed the order button, hopeful that what showed up wouldn't be a overly used, included it's power cord or returned for a good reason. When the laptop arrived it looked brand new- I couldn't find a single blemish, mark, scratch or any sort of damage to it whatsoever, and the windows install seemed perfectly fresh.

Now, here's where thing change a bit. A month ago we both took our SATs, and afterwards my friend grabbed a frizzbee with a couple other buddies and I gave him a ride to across the street from the park. As he started into the crosswalk (with the right away) he was hit by a car going (apparently) 45 and flew several feet before landing on the pavement. I heard the horns and looked over, only to see him on face down and bleeding. I asked to my Dad who was in the car if he had 911 as I rushed out of the car and over to the accident, where I found him unconcious. Basically things after that happened and he wound up in the hospital, and now it seems hopefull he's on the way to recovery. However none of this concerns laptops. My friend's father has been using his laptop to update a blog of the hospital status (I could give a link if anyone's interested) About a week ago he begain to use the same laptop I mentioned earlier to try and use text-to speech software to more easily talk to people and to write to the blog as well, and also to read get well wishes and the like. However apparently somehow the laptop was knocked over (he doesn't have full muscle control yet) and I'm currently out of town to try and diagnose and repair the problem, but it seems as though the screen is totaled.

As you might be able to imagine the laptop meant and represented a lot to him, and it's loss was disheartening to say the least. I've talked to one of Asus's support centers (in central CT) and Newegg, and they've both told me that since the item was sold as open box there's no warranty-however I cant imagine it's ever been sent in for replacement before. When I get back in town in 2 days I'll check the serial and submit a proper RMA, however currently I feel a bit defeated about the whole thing, and come in search of help or advice from anyone, be it other forum members, asus, newegg, or flying goats.

Bleh, sorry again that this is so long.

07-08-2011, 06:09 AM
Even tho the item was openbox, it should still have it's standard warranty. However, I know there is a limit to how quickly it must be registered to get Accidental coverage. You can try and reg it, but it will look funny that you are putting in for a accidental repair a few days after regging it. I would suggest PM'ing Mason@Asus and perhaps he can arrange an RMA for you.

Some Guy
07-12-2011, 02:08 AM
Thanks for the suggestion, I sent Mason a message. And for the awesome g73 roundup, It's an awesome reference.

09-30-2011, 07:04 PM
if you have to man, either output the video to another monitor, or maybe order a replacement led panel.

i know my buddy has a laptop that's been dropped several times and the built in screen hasn't worked in some time. he just hooks it up to a external.

if the lid is in good shape a new panel shouldn't be but around 100 bucks. i've also seen several G51vx lids (panel, plastic, and all) for sell.

maybe order one of those and then he can have the super cool white lid.