View Full Version : G51Jx keyboard replacement - out of warranty

02-11-2013, 01:13 AM
Ok so here' s my story. I got this notebook back in October 2010. As I continued to use it, a bunch of problems popped up. But luckily I live in Toronto where the ASUS RMA department is located, so all these problems were fixed by them at their depot there. I had issues with the screen which got replaced once, then 2 weeks later the new screen malfunctioned and had a dead line of vertical pixels, which also got replaced. Then the headphone jack got stuck (no sound from speakers, it always detected as headphones plugged in), got that fixed as well. Lastly, in January 2012 the keyboard started malfunctioning where button presses would not respond. Got it fixed the same day at the same Toronto RMA depot. Now the new keyboard they gave me is starting to have the same problems. My 2 year warranty ran out in Oct. 2012 and honestly it's kind of ridiculous how many problems keep popping up with this notebook. Another dead keyboard a year later is pretty pathetic. Will ASUS replace this for free?

02-13-2013, 12:10 AM
Hi, if you haven't already, try talking to the Toronto RMA depot again if possible, or the ASUS call center and ask them to check your notebook repair history which hopefully will allow some special consideration.
It's possible the service center will want to check your notebook first before saying more.