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02-13-2013, 08:57 PM
I have already come to terms that I am going to just build my own pc here soon and stop using my laptop.. but I was wondering if anyone else out there has had the same problems I have had. I purchased this laptop about 1 year and 5 months ago. 2 weeks after I had it in my possession I had problems with my computer continuously going in and out of AC mode. I used my friends power cord to see if that was the issue (he has the same computer) and it turns out that the issue was my jack. I had it sent in through geek squad since it was still under warranty and had it fixed. I didn't have issues with it for about 3 months and it broke AGAIN. I had it sent in and fixed.. again. I thought well maybe its just a fluke and it fixed this time. NOPE! I was wrong. Just a month after my 1 year warranty ran up I had yet again the same problem. This time i went to a local computer tech who works out of home. He fixed it for me for $170 bucks. He said that who ever worked on it before did a really bad job and didn't clean up after themselves. He said that they had done a poor job on sautering (SP?) whatever it is that's inside of my jack. Anyway.. not 1 week after I got it fixed by that guy I had the same issues starting up again. As I type right now.. it goes in and out of AC mode. I am extremely frustrated! Being that this isn't the first laptop I have owned I am VERY careful with the cord. I don't pull on it and i don't let it hang. I hardly every use the mobile capability of a laptop and never move my computer. I feel like i purchased this as a faulty device and there is nothing I can do at this point except for buy and build a tower so I never have to deal with a laptop every again. I mean.. I play video games on my computer and I know that having a PC would be better for that anyway. It's just really really aggravating because 90% of the time I am not able to get the performance I am supposed to be getting out of this computer because it constantly goes to battery mode. My FPS in games SUCK! I'm just really sad and totally not looking forward to dropping my tax return money on a new computer because this on isn't old at all. Has anyone else ever had this issue with this model laptop? Was there perhaps a recall I didn't know about? Am I really just screwed, or is there one more thing I can do to try and save this laptop? PLEASE! Give me advise! Thank you!

02-13-2013, 09:23 PM
In answer to your question about a recall, no there wasn't anything like that and the G73 wasn't known for such an issue.

Does the local computer tech guarantee his work? If I paid someone that much and it only worked for a week I would be knocking down their door. It seems like he should at least look at it again without charging you since it has barely been a week since he supposedly fixed this. He may find that it was never the soldering at all and perhaps it is something internal to the jack itself. It might be that the jack needs to be replaced and everyone just keeps re-soldering it.

02-13-2013, 09:41 PM
Yeah he told me that their wasn't any cracks or anything and that the jack its self was fine. he offered to give me most of my money back but i figured whatever is wrong with my computer is un fixable.

02-13-2013, 09:53 PM
A couple of things to try:
*Gently* press the power jack to the side to see if the charging state stabilizes. This is a sign of a bad physical connection somewhere.

Removing the battery and seeing if it cuts off. It's less likely since it's actually switching from AC (not just charging state) but sometimes a bad battery can confuse the laptop. Worth a try even if it's an outside chance.

04-05-2013, 05:04 AM
Hey, sorry you're having problems with your dc power jack. I don't know why yours was defective. I got my laptop used so it came with that exact problem you're describing (on a used laptop I think it really is to be expected, since it's a weak point, but not if it was new).

I solved my problem completely by replacing the dc power jack (the part in the laptop that the cable attaches to) myself. I ordered a compatible one for my laptop, for about $5 with shipping. The bear is actually getting to the jack, since it requires taking the whole computer apart. But, once replaced, I have a solid connection now all the time.

when you describe your computer going between AC mode and battery, that is exactly what happened with mine. it would happen to mine even when it was just sitting there, but definitely happened if I wiggled the cable a little bit.

from what you're describing 'resoldering' it sounds like nobody actually REPLACED the dc jack. resoldering it is just making sure its attached to the board, but that doesn't fix a bad jack (its loose, and doesn't always make contact inside the dc jack with the cable you've plugged into it.) that's a lot of work to go through to not go the extra step of replacing the jack. that maybe why your problem was never solved. in terms of the jack being 'good', yes, I can see that electrically it would test fine. but that doesn't mean it's not loose===>needs to be replaced entirely. (they may not have because it is a pain to get the old one out, but that is why they're being paid to do the work.)

if your cable can wiggle at all while in the jack, your jack needs to be replaced. plain and simple.

I have to say, since I was deep in the guts of my laptop to replace this thing, I went ahead and repasted the gpu and cpu with much better thermal paste, and am pleasantly surprised in that now the fans barely ever even turn on (it's that much cooler now).

one thing I think ASUS did really well with this laptop is the cooling for the gpu and cpu (ok, so they needed better thermal paste) but it makes a great foundation for a solid laptop. I think if you fix this your problem will be solved... and for much cheaper than building a desktop.

now if I could just get the details I need to figure out how to upgrade this 1GB 460m graphics card to something more current like a 670mx....sighs....