View Full Version : Unusual temp decrease on my G73JH

02-26-2013, 11:49 PM
All owners G73jh this can be very usefull and i need advice with it.
Warranty for my g73jh is ending soon and gpu temps in games are too high(over 90C in some games) so i deciced improve cooler. I found aluminium plate and placed it on my gpu cooler. After it max temp was reduced by 13-14C but i forgot put thermal compound back on mememory chips( i think it's memory those 8 black chips around gpu core). When i returned thermal compound and played same game with same setting with or without my additional cooler max temp was again same as before.
So i see 2 options:
Thermal sensor is't working properly without thermal compound or removing it really help for decreasing gpu temps.
I used HwInfo and AtiTrayTools soft for monitoring. Ghost Recon Online on high setting with max temp 66(before 82). I afraid run other games coz i don't want bake my vga.
I don't have other thermometer sensor for tests and i really appreciate if somebody knows where exactly are temp sensors located. Is it100% safe when HWInfo shows me low temperatures?
Thank you for any advices.

02-27-2013, 07:54 AM
why you do this, is it temp to high before, when you do this, i know your temp is down, how is your laptop function? sorry, i never do what you do.

02-27-2013, 10:21 AM
Yes it was too high even after i repasted gpu core and removed dust from fans. While i was playing games for example Dota2 with highest vga setting(in dota options) and this ccc setting(see at screens) v-sync off temp was 91C. I'm running on asus vga driver(from asus.com)and bios 213.1772717728

Now it looks fine while playing Ghost Recon Online but before i'll run more demanding games i want do tests with independent temp sensor.