View Full Version : Changing universal AC cable on G75VW charger

02-28-2013, 11:25 PM
For those who know stuff about power and electricity...

Is there anything wrong with changing the universal cable for the G75VW charger to one that only has 2 prongs (ie. no ground pin)?

I looked closely at the UAC cable that came with the laptop and it says something like "10A 125V" (BS if it actually pumps out 10 amps) and the 2-prong UAC said "10A 110V" I think, so I didn't want to plug it in and blow something up.

02-28-2013, 11:34 PM
Safe? No, not really.

The third prong on a three-prong cord set provides a path to ground for electricity that is straying or leaking from a product. This helps protect the equipment and can help prevent electric shock.

03-01-2013, 12:03 AM
It's fine. Remember most stuff is insulated so the ground is there to keep you from getting shocked. Example power tools have the ground but are called double insulated due to the fact they are plastic. So you can run them without the ground but it just gives the electricity a path if anything happens. Without it if something happens it will find the shortest path to a ground weather its through you or a table.

Now for what really matted.

Typically from what I seen the 2 prong cables are lower quality then the 3 prongs. You really want the cleanest most stable power being fed to your laptop so this means a nice quality cable "Not a monster $300 cable" Im talking stock or something from a good company. Good clean power is what all systems want. Heck plugging your system into a power strip can limit your overclocks vs plugging it into a wall and that's with a nice power strip.

My advice is scrap the 2 prong idea. get your self a nice power strip if you need some more distance or just look for a longer 3 prong cable. Play it safe shocks from the wall can kill you but for the most part they just bite you and its not a present feeling. Volts wont kill you the amps is what stops your heart and something like less then 1amp can stop it but you can take 200,000 volts and be fine as long as its a very very very low amp rateing in the miliamps.

Now that rating on the cable is this. 125v volts with a 10amp. That's prob not the max its rated for but that's the most they say it will take. If you pull more amps the cable will work however it will start to get warm and if you pull to many it will melt the cable and can start a fire. So any cable you match up in terms of voltage and amp rating will work fine however I will tell you the lower quality cables tend to overrate them and the higher brands tend to underrate them. So it is my advice that you do not use a cable other then the stock cable unless it is a quality 3 pin.

But if you do go with a 2pin use a quality surge protector so if something does happen you have the protection of that allowing a patch for the electricity. I don't advice switching from 3 pin to 2 pin but if you do you should take every precaution you can to safeguard your self as well as the system.

03-01-2013, 03:23 AM
i think the best is keep ground pin, but if you broke it, it still can be using.