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03-01-2013, 03:55 PM
I recently have bought a G75VX and i am very disappointed with the display quality. It is great while running games but when it comes to working with Word or anything similar with a white background the graininess is killing me. I made a picture of the display and the display of a Schenker A722 notebook, both showing a white background in Word to compare it and the difference is really shocking.17781

The left one is the Asus G75VX and the right one the Schenker A722. Both have full hd anti glare displays.
Does anybody with a G75VX have the same problem?
Do you think i should RMA the notebook to get a better display or is it useless?

03-01-2013, 07:09 PM
Looks like this is again hit or miss and Asus is still using junk displays in some.

Very common issue with the G75VW's I have not seen this in VX's but I only seen a few. At first I thought the VX had a new screen but I should of known Asus would not fix it and not use something good. The display in the VX I have is the same as a VW a cheap CMO 1720. I will say that the VX's display has some better contrast ratios then the VW I had.

Now when you compare them this is a hard thing to do. Settings have to be the same along with the backlight and if you use a pic for this you need to take it from the same distance. And remember cameras and displays always do not play nice. In a picture my display does have some lines in it but they are on a 45 deg angle and look nothing like yours. This is from my camera. From my eye I cant see any but I will look for them now and if I ever see them I will post.

But the G75 is what it is. I don't think they will RMA it for this because it was a very common problem with the VW's and they just did not care. Some people had it why others did not. Looks like the VW may be the same way but that's what happens when you use the cheapest display you can get your hands on. I don't know why this does not have a ips display I guess they figured they did not cut enough corners on their "high end" notebook and decided to go that extra mile.

If you are in your return time if you bought it at a store just take it back and exchange it. Check the display there I know best buy is good for stuff like this. It will be really hit or miss if you get one that does not have it. You can always use some software to adjust your display colors and what not and that should help hide the problem but honestly from those pics its not as bad as some of the VW's I seen so I would say your lucky and just try to make the best of it with adjusting some settings.

03-01-2013, 08:08 PM
Yeah that is unfortunate. After reading your post I went and opened up Microsoft Word. I have the Latest G55vw (i7 3630, Thunderbolt, Windows 8) and I do not see anything like you are explaining. Looks absolutely flawless. I am thankful for that.

03-01-2013, 09:17 PM
Yeah that is unfortunate. After reading your post I went and opened up Microsoft Word. I have the Latest G55vw (i7 3630, Thunderbolt, Windows 8) and I do not see anything like you are explaining. Looks absolutely flawless. I am thankful for that.

Glad to hear that. A while back I attempted to make a database on the forums of what models have this problem and what done so we can atleast get some numbers and see if one version has it more then others and see if they are using displays that were made at diff. plants. Well the mods deleted it asap because they really don't wanna get any Lemmon rates documented and it goes with the forum communist rules of you can only say what they deem worth. Pretty much State ran forums lol. But it was from that action that told me that this is a very very wide spread problem from cheap lcd's that they know about and if you get one that does not have the issue you are lucky. From the VW's I seen most of them had this issue all but one. But then again this is a cheap lcd so expecting ips like quality is asking to much.

03-01-2013, 09:34 PM
Yeah I just checked my G75VX and it does not seem to have that problem...

03-01-2013, 09:38 PM
I would wait for some more VX responses and then if a large number of them don't have the issue I would try a rma. Hold old is your VX mine is pretty much a few days old so if you have a early version it might be using some of the leftover displays that plagued the VW before the issue was corrected. But who knows.

03-04-2013, 06:15 AM
please change your backgrand setting, if nothing help, you can send back to asus service center to check it or replace it if you are in warranty.

03-09-2013, 09:21 PM
I have returned the notebook to the reseller and they had another G75VX with the same low quality screen (Iam from Germany and the reseller is notebooksbilliger.de). I asked one of the persons working in the shop whether they know if all G75VX have this problem. He answered that he thinks that the display is really great and he cant see the things I see.

I ordered a new G75VX from amazon (80 euros more) and this notebook has an excellent display, which I expected in the first place. This notebook however has some minor problems with the plastic frame around the display. It is poorly assembled and you can here clicks when you press on the area near the webcam (not great but I can live with it). Secondly something is loosely in the case which you can here if you turn the notebook around ( I can live with it). Finally the noise of the two fans seems a little bit louder than the ones from the first notebook, especially if the notebook is idle ( not great, but I think i can live with it).

My theory is that Asus build some notebooks with a bad display and sold them to some resellers (notebooksbilliger.de) for a lower price. Overall Iam not satisfied with the build quality of the Asus G75VX ( It is a G75VX-T4020H if someone is interesed).
There are two options:
Either there is no quality control or they do this on purpose.

I can not understand how a company with the slogan " persistent perfection" can do something like this to their high end gaming notebook line.

Iam wondering whether it is legal to build notebooks with totally different displays and sell it under the exact same name.

After all this I would buy a gaming notebook from another company but the alternatives a not great. Schenker, MSI and some other small companies use the clevo or other barebones, which are really noisy while gaming and Dell/Alienware is extremly overpriced. Is there really an alternative to the Asus G75?

Iam very frustrated now :(