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03-02-2013, 01:18 AM
I recently had some issues with my laptop that required that I send my laptop back for service. As part of this service they replaced the motherboard. HDMI output has not worked since I got it back. The laptop sees the external display and even shows brand / model. The display also sees the laptop, but says no signal.

Things I have tried:

Fn + F8 to make sure it was set to display through hdmi.
Various resolutions and refresh rates
Power settings
Tried both drivers from ASUS support site, and the most recent from Nvidia
Multiple different displays (again, laptop recognized them, but refused to display)
Booted to Ubuntu live cd and saw the same issue.
Maybe a few other things that I am forgetting.

I am completely out of ideas. Is it possible that it is just as simple as something didn't get reconnected when they were re-assembling the laptop? Or am I looking at a problem with my video card.

03-02-2013, 03:16 AM
You've done a good job troubleshooting your HDMI issue. The Ubuntu Live CD test confirms the issue is likely caused by hardware rather than Windows software.

To complete your troubleshooting, you want to confirm it's not an HDMI cable or HDTV issue.

1) Did your laptop successfully connect to the HDTV using your current HDMI cable before the repair?

2) Can you successfully attach a different computer to your HDTV using the current HDMI cable? OR successfully attach your laptop by using a different cable? It could also be worthwhile to see if you can reproduce the issue on a different HDTV.

3) You could try resetting the BIOS to default settings or upgrading (or downgrading) your BIOS. I've read of some strange BIOS issues in other threads.

If you choose to update your BIOS, please download the BIOS file directly to a USB flash drive formatted to a single FAT32 partition, so you are not. copying the file from the NTFS file system. Use the EasyFlash utility in the BIOS to perform the BIOS update.

Be aware that any problems during a BIOS flash may render your laptop unusable.

03-02-2013, 03:06 PM
Thanks for the reply!

1. Yeah I used to connect it all the time.

2. I have tried 3 different cables (one of which is currently connecting my roku). I have also tried a projector that gave the same result as my TV.

3. I did try resetting them to default, but not updating. The reason my laptop had to go out in the first place was because I had tried to update my bios. But I did it from an NTFS drive not aware of the issue EasyFlash has with it.

Looks like I will probably be calling Asus on the matter, and hopefully they will be willing to help me out as it seems to have been something that happened during repair that caused it.

03-04-2013, 03:57 AM
please send it back to asus service center and ask them did you tested when they send back to you.