View Full Version : basic questions about my G74sx-AH71 and 3d

03-02-2013, 07:49 AM
Hi all. I've run around the forums and web looking for some answers to very basic questions. It's almost like my lack of common knowledge about this might be the problem. Anyway, I know my PC doesn't have 3D built in and that I can't change the monitor panel to get 3D so the first question is will an add on like the NVidea 3D kit provide something that works for me (I know silly questions since that's what the kit is intended to do but it's something I need to know before I get it in my hands and realize that, no it won't work for some reason) and secondly, because there are specific games that the 3D will work on, what else won't work? I know I'll have to get either an application that converts video and such to 3D or maybe PowerDVD but what other limitations are there if I got something like this? Can it make standard browsing appear 3D such as making words stand out etc? I've seen there's a special player for YouTube videos so I can only presume that the regular web based videos won't work. It's making me wonder if there's enough to do on the PC that will appear to be 3D to make it worth buying.

New to the RoG forums and thanks in advance for any help.

03-04-2013, 02:35 AM
if your laptop have not 3D function, you can not use 3D function in laptop LCD pannel.