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03-05-2013, 09:01 AM
DanK from our Australian team has owned his own G75VW since launch – the last 10 months now – and gives us his thoughts on the long-term use of a G75 notebook and how he uses it for gaming and video rendering, having always been a ‘big PC’ guy before.


03-05-2013, 10:13 AM
Honestly this vid reaks of Asus influence.

VW's with the screen issues i do se how any hard core game can give it praze.

Back when i use to raid with Premonition "I was with them from Alleria when we started to the last day we did progression raiding on Sen'jin" And i personally had a G75VW but found the kb total junk to play and i had a few other pet peves with it but nothing as major as the kb just flat out sucking for playing games. The two guys in my guild who used a G75VW to play due to working and staying a hotels a lot and they were core raiders been raiding since wow was a beta said the screen was just junk and the while lines did affect game play when you are playing at that level "Going for world first".

Now i know what most people are thing saying wow is not demanding but you play at 1920X1080 DX11 with everything max'ed out a G75VW will hit low 20's in some fights. You crank the settings up so you can see every bit of spell detail tio know if you start standing on the edge of something or in it. Faster you can get back on target does matter "Think heroic LK pre nerf dodgeing shadow traps, defile and all that fun stuff."

The issue i have had is that the wifi would cut out. Tested on 3 routers and my phones 4g tether and every channel, encrypted and not encrypted. So right there when we seen it was having some DC issues when we were raiding the G75VW was banned from use for our progression team.

Outside of competitive gaming except a few minor issues the system is fine. Its the fact Asus would not speed up any RMA's to fix a issue with them from a Guild that was world known with more then a few world first and one of the top raiding guilds in the world at the time got to us.

And der hes going to make it sound like its his most prized system and its all that with no problems. Because Asus would not be happy if he did not. A big number of our raid team transferred servers and joined up with a now top world ranked guild i wont say any names as i dont want to be bugged for invites, runs, tips or anything like that. We raid full time when we are running progression. 9-12 hours a day and later today soon as the servers come online we will be doing a 12 run.

I had Razer send me out new keyboards, Naga epics, Headsets you name it for free. I put my naga epic into my wall a few times "Nerd rage grrr l2 taunt" And when i go to blizzcon after they send me a bunch of stuff and just tell people how i feel about it there i tell them the naga epic is the best mouse ever. In real live its a hunk of crap. First off i dont use more then two buttons on the side, Randomly it will have tracking issues and saying the software sucks would be giving the programers who made it a huge complement.

Want some pull with me? How about someone who is a competitive gamers who is not affiliated with Asus who bought it with their own money give you a review about using it for 10 months. This just seems like a atempt to put some smoke up to blind people from the problems that plague the G75 series some of them Asus will not fix.

03-05-2013, 11:57 AM
hahhahahha ... Naz .. Did ya miss the 'Admin' thingy under the UserName ???
I see One good Video and Two respected opposing views.c.

03-05-2013, 02:21 PM
i love how they keep re-posting link to this video..... Asus guys.... Damn amateurs......

03-12-2013, 05:25 AM
I'm on my G75V right now, had it since midsummer and I love it more than my thirty five hundred dollar desktop. Only problem is the minuscule battery life, but hey, with these specs who would expect it to last more than two hours?