View Full Version : About to install a mSATA SSD in an Asus G55vw

03-09-2013, 10:36 PM
So I recently ordered a 240 GB Mushkin Atlas Deluxe mSATA SSD. It should be here on Tuesday or Wednesday. I am prepared to install it and can't wait! Right now I am using the 500GB 7200 RPM Hard Drive due to my 360 GB Corsair Force GS crapped out on me already and I had to return it. I am going to try to have someone record me disassembling, installing the mSATA SSD, and reassembling the laptop. That way people who are interested can see what it really entails. The only decent video I have found on disassembling the Asus G55vw was by HIDevolution and it is ok, but I want to make a better one! If I can not find anyone to record me doing this, I will take quite a few pictures along the way covering each step and pointing out any tricky spots.

Now I am good with the hardware and hands on stuff, but as far as formatting, bios, all that jazz I am lost. When I had my 360GB SSD I just cloned it, and it seemed to work fine. I have been told that when you clone a regular Hard Drive to a SSD that something with alignment or something doesn't match up right. Anyone know about this? How should I go about 100% properly setting up the mSATA SSD after installation? I don't have a Windows 8 disc so I am not sure if I can burn one somehow and use my product key if a clean install is best. I would rather make it just like the stock one though, being the hidden recovery partition and such. Just sounds a lot easier to just clone it. Is there cloning software designed to clone HDD to SSD?

Thanks everyone!

Also, this is what I got coming:

03-10-2013, 02:35 AM
wow; thank you in advance! my msata ssd is coming to me, too :) but it will take some time for me to put it in as my work is getting crazy here :/

initially i plan to do the re-pasting and addition of msata ssd when the temperatures of cpu and gpu exceed 84c; but the time hasn't come yet.