View Full Version : Asus GPU Tweak Software - few questions

03-12-2013, 07:06 AM

I'm the happy owner of a new 7950 from Asus (had GTX 560 Ti before, also DCuII but never used this amazing software - no idea why, still I decided to start to use it now).

I have a few questions:

1/ Why the voltage for my GPU is locked at something around 1,15v in GPU tweak? With Sapphire Trixx I can easily raise it to much higher values. Still I'd prefer to use one software and GPU Tweak seems much more reliable.

2/ Is there any way to display fan speed, GPU usage etc. in games on Logitech G15? Is this programme compatible with it?

3/ Is there any way to turn on vram usage (in MB/GB) like in MSI Afterburner?

4/ I noticed that whenever I run temp monitoring widget it causes big stuttering in games (every time it refreshes the temps, clocks etc. there is a 1-2 sec stutter) - any way to fix this?

Thank You in advance!