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03-17-2013, 02:11 PM
So i been seeing more and more talk about fancy cache across the forums so i figure i would give you guys some more info on real world changes. I can focus more on other games but this is just a quick little post so i'll only look at the main game i play. World of Warcraft please note some games may load even faster.

Who is fancy cache for?

People who want to get a bit more performance out of their storage. Every drive can benefit from this however the changes will be pretty small in real world stuff if you are using a nice SSD.

Now You can do this with 8gb of ram but the min i would recamend is 10gb or higher. So lets break down what 10gb will get you.

4gb ram disk for fancy cache. 6gb for everything else. From that 6gb about 1.5 will be used by windows so with some OEM bloat and what not your looking at about 3.5gb of ram available Now wow uses around 1.5gb to 2gb max. That leaves some ram left over but if you are doing this you should check to see how much ram the game really uses because some use more then games like wow. But for this post im using wow so its fine.

So using a SSD a 180gb Intel 520 i'm going to round the numbers but here is what you are looking at.

First load. 16sec.
Second. 9sec.

Add a 4gb fancy cache to the 520 and

First load 8 sec.
Second 8 sec.

Stock 5,300 rpm drive

First load 33 sec.
Second 20 sec.

Stock 5,300 rpm drive with a 4gb fancy cache

First load. 8 sec
Second 8sec

This will never replace a SSD. And to be honest if you have a SSD you should never go out and just buy ram for this as really its not worth it. It does make your load times more consistent and improve the first load times pretty good but really there is no drastic improvement after that from what i seen. If you want to buy the ram for this you would be better off looking into a 32gb set up and just running a ramdisk as its much faster overall but you are paying for it. But on my desktop with wow on a ramdisk my load times at most are 2 sec.

Would i recamend this to people? Yes. If you can afford a extra 2gb or 8gb of ram you can get that stock 5,300rpm drive loading games like it was a quality SSD. At this time the 180gig Intel 520 runs about $190. 8gb of ram will run about $40 so as you can see this is a very cheap way of improving disk performance.

Really you can see a improvement in every drive from the slow stock 5,300rpm drive to todays high end SSD's. Who will really benefit from this in real world preforamce is the slower mechanical drives and for what you gain with that its hard not to recamend a $20-$40 investment.

So if money is tight and you want a SSD. Or you just want the 2 1tb drives for the space but want a SSD for the speed a good way is to toss in a spare 4-8gb for a ramdisk set up fancycache and enjoy. This is great for the guys who want massive amounts of disk space who own the G7 series due to the limited expansion ports. This gives you massive space. Very close to SSD preformace in real world and you do not have to swap out the optical drive for a ssd caddy.

Anyone run this set up on other games post up and let some guys who how it will affect load times for the games you play. Also post how much ram the game uses when running.

03-17-2013, 09:12 PM
Good one Naz. Thnx.c.

03-17-2013, 11:12 PM
I will have to time my load times later tonight for League of Legends. I know when I switched from my HDD to my SSD that the load bar just fly's. I am not sure about after fancy cache because I haven't played since I have installed it. I will time it with the cache off, then on.

Also, I am wondering if you can help me optimize my settings for Fancy Cache. Here are my current settings.


With 4 of my 16 gigs of ram thrown at it I am only at 33% usage with Windows 8 running.