View Full Version : Kernel-power ID 41category 63

03-24-2013, 12:15 AM
Hi there! Here's the situation with my G75VW.
About 2 months ago the computer would randomly freeze, sometimes more often than others.
Checked on the event manager and it said this error, Kernel-power ID 41category 63.
Reserched about it and found out that it could be a thousand different things.
The computer was still usable, so I didn't worry to much.
Then the freezes started happening more often, but still randomly and couldn't make it happen when I wanted.
It got to a point that it rebooted to the insert boot disk screen.
Manage to make a factory restore of the windows, that allowed me to start windows normally, but was always freezing aswell.
So decided to send it to RMA, where they changed the hdd, that being the only thing mentioned on the RMA report.
It came looking good, with no problems and I was happy!!
One of this days, I hibernated the computer and realized that it was taking long time to the computer to shut off, with lights blinking and power button still on. Lefted it for a while and after 10 min was off.
Yesterday by chance, decided to have a look the the event manager to see if it caught something and there it was my lovely error - Kernel-power ID41 category 63.
It still haven't frooze on me after RMA, but now I a bit worried...
Any of you have the same problem?
Any suggestions?